Is Your Business Not Performing?
We provide National Business Rescue assistance. Contact us to discuss your options!

About Us

Vitalis Corporate Solutions was born out of the necessity to provide highly specialised assessments of a corporate’s sustainability and viability. We use our own developed proprietary business assessments to determine exactly where your business is in its life cycle and what your next steps are when it is not performing adequately.

Do you believe that your corporation is under performing? Do you believe that with a nudge in the right direction, it can be restored to its former glory? Not sure what nudge to give it to take it there? Let us arrange a consultation with you and determine what your next step should be.

Our Mission

We care about your business and its ability to make you money. We want to impact and grow as many businesses as possible and we are improving entrepreneurship one business at a time!

We believe in our in-house developed business assessments and know that once we have performed one for your business, you will already know which way to push your business to grow again.